Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy

5025 25th Ave NE #201

Seattle, WA 98105

P: 206-524-6702   F: 206-524-6703

Please call our office to schedule your first appointment at 206-524-6702.

Bring your completed registration forms, referral form (if applicable), insurance card, and identification.

Every patient receives a thorough evaluation at the first visit. Based on this evaluation, a treatment plan is established and can begin immediately.

Follow-up appointments will be scheduled at your first visit.

You are responsible for the total charges for your care and treatment. We request that you pay any co-pays at the time of service as required by you insurance company. We will bill your insurance directly for you and charges not covered by insurance will be billed to you. Patients who prefer to pay out-of-pocket at their visit will be offered a discount.

We participate in a wide range of covered insurance plans and will contact your insurance company to verify your coverage and benefits prior to your appointment.

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